Good question

I hope I don’t offend the ultra-sensitive patriots (and more importantly, the ultra-fanatic fundamentalists), but I cannot help commenting on this. The following questions / opinions have started to come up too frequently in various intellect(chawal) conversations and it’s about time that we got hold of ourselves.

1. The two-nation theory did not make sense and we would have been in a much better shape had we stayed in United India.
2. What is the logic behind killing so many animals on Eid-ul-Azha? Isn’t it a barbaric tradition?
3. Why do we give Iqbal so much respect? He was just a drunk man writing verses that we later made such a big deal of.
Out of respect for all those sensitive souls I mentioned above, among other reasons, I would not quote any more since I am sure you get the idea. It is immensely disturbing to see our youth carry such serious doubts in their hearts. So here is what Ludicrates (the non-existent Geek philosopher) says about all this. Nations have certain traditions, beliefs and ideologies that bind them together. Somewhere along the way, members of the nation stop giving much importance to the rationale behind these traditions, beliefs and ideologies and simply continue to repeat the rituals associated with them. Perhaps they feel that since everyone is following the rituals, there is no need for any logic. Consequently, their children inherit a hollow action without any idea of its logic or substance and as soon as the nation hits hard times and starts to lose its self-esteem, such questions begin to arise and since hardly anyone remembers the answer, the minds asking such questions develop an erroneous complex of being the enlightened ones. In the end, we are only left with people who follow these notions because they are not smart enough to question them or those who stop following them because they have no intention of finding the answers. So, we have a nation comprised almost entirely of the stupid acting stupidly and the smart acting stupidly.
Now, Ludicrates always talked nonsense. So, here is what I have to say. My advice to people who have these questions is simple.
1. Take pride in what you are and stop feeling apologetic for being a Muslim or a Pakistani. This is essential to get the above ideologies and beliefs into perspective.
2. Research. Try to find the answers to these questions from the almost infinite databases available to you. But research with the faith that the answer does exist somewhere. Seek and you shall find.
3. Realize that such statements without any sort of knowledge behind them could be fatal for our already tottering nation and by asking such questions and not helping find the answer you are simply providing your enemies with more firepower.
4. And finally, if you are one of those who just talk such nonsense because you think it makes you sound smart and different, stop doing that. Or..go to hell.

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