Three blind mice

Three Blind Mice
See how they run. See how they run
They all ran after the bookie’s cash
Who had them caught red-handed in a flash
And now their repo has come to trash
The three blind mice!

I know I know, this is bad humor, I just couldn’t resist it. My heart goes out to the three boys and it is impossible to imagine the distress, embarrassment and that sinking feeling they must be experiencing. It is always fun to do something wrong, especially if it pays handsomely, but it is never fun to get caught. As always, the opinion in our country is divided and also as usual, the media is having a ball with all the anger against these players, pitted against all those conspiracy theories. So, I won’t comment on any of that stuff.
The only thing I am interested in is the fact that ever since our players were caught (or trapped, depending on which school of thought you subscribe to), there has been a call for stricter checks on the activities of cricketers. Especially after the sentencing, these calls have reached an obsessive pitch. It seems likely that this incident would result in some major shifts in the way the sport and specifically its ethical and moral side is handled in Pakistan.
I just wish we become a little proactive and stop waking up only after we are jerked out of our slumber by such insulting events. So, have we learnt our lesson? Or will we have to wait till three of our politicians, three bureaucrats, three media personalities, three lawyers, three judges etc. are ‘trapped’ in a conspiracy, caught red-handed in a foreign land, forced to admit their mistakes with tearful eyes in front of a European judge and handed a jail sentence in some other country before we wake up with a start and begin our animated discussion that something needs to be done?

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