Maybe we have got so used to criticizing the government that we just do not even notice when an educated and patriotic voice points out something that is credible and important for our future. Let’s be clear on two things here. One, Pakistan is poor and overpopulated, maybe poor because of being overpopulated and we have already ignored this problem for too long. Two, Dr. Firdous Ashiq Awan is a true patriot with the love for her country at the bottom of her heart (obviously, by this logic, everything else in her heart must be above this feeling).

So, before discarding her acute observation, we should at least think seriously about the concerns she has been expressing for so long. As her name suggests (Firdous means paradise and Ashiq means lover or romantic, add to that her privilege of being a qualified doctor), she is an authority on science, romance and knows her bit about religion. So, imagine the fix the poor lady finds herself in with the government taking all the wrong decisions that could lead Pakistan to a huge population explosion.

 Being a doctor, she knows how the system of population growth works. So, obviously two weekly holidays are a threat. Yes yes I know, the people of this land are not very keen to work on non-holidays either, but at least the commute to and from the office takes some toll. Imagine what would happen if the few who do work during the week would also be fresh and full of energy twice every seven days.

Since population planning has been all but rejected by the thaikadars of our religion, any policy on that front is a simple no-no for Dr. Awan, but we should not forget that there are certain westernized ill-advised wanna-bes who do practice such Satanic rites, which is all the better since at least their population remains under control. But not anymore. With this ludicrous decision of closing all markets early, imagine the conundrum when no shop would be open around midnight….you can imagine the consequences now, can’t you?

 But all is not lost. These steps are aimed at saving electricity which, in turn, would put an end to loadshedding. Now that is bound to be good. Cos the lights suddenly going out at night cannot be good for population control either, eh Dr. Awan?


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