Excuse me but I cant understand how

  1. Loadshedding, which was the result of some irreversible bad policies of the previous government, is suddenly gone?
  2. A Chief Minister plans to counter a disease (dengue) by going from door to door explaining to the people what to do?
  3. The only railways company in a country, with no competition, no choice for the passenger but to travel by its trains, can run into losses worth billions of rupees?
  4. Indian culture and influence is bad but Indian movies and songs our favorite?
  5. Killing innocent people by suicide bombing is heinous and killing innocent people by drones heroic?
  6. Is it prudent to catch the most wanted man in the world, kill him and then throw his body in the ocean without even taking a photograph?
  7. A person who killed the Governor of a province be a hero for the people living in the same province, especially when these same people seem completely fine with letting the government of the party to which that governor belonged continue to rule?
  8. The deaths of Steve Jobs and Jagjit Singh are mourned more in this country than the deaths of its own innocent civilians and armed forces personnel at the hands of armies of the countries to which Jobs and Singh belonged?
  9. Alcohol, being banned, is easily available and staple food out of reach for so many?
  10. Hardly any member of a nation is ready stop at a traffic light and yet almost every one of them is prepared to bring a revolution to change the destiny of their country?


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