Dear Khhhtghhh! These humans have the strangest value system. They appear to have concepts of good and evil but even after millions of years of evolutions and thousands of years of social living, they have still not agreed upon a universal set of values. Things considered good in one society are thought as unacceptably brutal in others and vice versa. I know you would want to label this a mere question of time and would think that maybe given enough time, they would eventually find a definition of good and evil that everyone agrees with but let us assure you dear Khhhtghhh, there is slim chance of that.

 When we said that humans have a strange value system, we were not exaggerating. Here is how we have seen it work. People here are much more concerned about appearing good to others than about actually being good. Hence, they concentrate all the time on pretending to be good and spend next to no time actually improving themselves. As you are well aware Khhhtghhh, personal improvement is slippery ground, and anyone who is not improving sooner or later starts deteriorating. That is exactly what seems to be happening to humans, only they think they are getting better because everyone else thinks so. Their standard of good and evil is the society, so if the society or the whole human race deteriorates, they have no way of noticing that.

 Funnily, people here try to communicate to others that they are good, by faking and pretending. Then, if enough other humans start believing that a person is good, that person despite being well aware of what he is, tends to start considering himself good too. And if a huge number of people start liking someone, that person even if he is the vilest of creatures, is considered great. As for the very few people who appear to understand all this and try to speak the truth, they are commonly ridiculed and persecuted.

 So, we would once again like to stress that you must relax Khhhtghhh. These people can hardly teach us much since they are not even willing to learn, and anyone who cannot learn can never ever teach. Also, they are no threat to us because they have not yet ceased to be a threat to each other. Till next report.


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