Dear Khhhtghhh! We think that we may finally have found something interesting in this human race, after all. These people believe there is something they call God. He is supposed to be the Creator of the universe and everything in it, all-powerful, all-knowing, omnipotent, in short He is perfection. Though it is difficult to comprehend Him fully and we seriously doubt that these silly humans understand much about Him either, but it sure is a thought-provoking concept.

From what we have observed, we are still not sure if God, being perfection personified, created humans in His own image (as many of the humans believe) or if humans, being so imperfect and so lame, created God out of their own imagination (which some of the more learned humans believe). We are also, as yet, unclear about the relationship God has with humans. All humans who believe in this Entity either worship Him or at least believe that they should worship Him. They pray to Him, bow down before Him, and plead with Him. But observing their rituals has given us little clue to the intention behind all this. We have found so many varying situations that, for the moment, we are confused. Different people appear to be worshipping him

  1. out of greed because they believe God can give them more and more of everything, rid them of all their troubles and even grant them a perfect and eternal life; or
  2. out of fear since they think that God can cause harm to them and even throw them in a miserably eternal and eternally miserable life; or
  3. out of habit, since they have seen their elders do that and believe that it is good, though they do not have any idea what good comes of it; or
  4. out of social pressure since the society around them believes, for no apparent reason, that worshipping is good; or
  5. out of frustration, since no other option is available to them to improve their condition and they feel the need to hang on to any straw.

However, we have also seen some people, who look like they worship Him because they love Him and although there is a very small number of such people, these are the ones who have generated our interest in the concept. Also, of course there are the others who call themselves ‘atheists’ meaning those who do not believe in God. They are also pretty interesting and we cannot help wondering about how important God must be since those who do not believe in Him actually have a separate name.

So, we thought it would be nice to tell you however little we have learnt about this concept. We expect to learn more and will keep you posted. One last thing, a number of atheists believe that God does not exist because they cannot perceive Him with their five senses. Hilarious, isn’t it? By that logic, we don’t exist either, eh?


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