Dr. Amir Liaqat

What’s the big deal? So? A person who was considered a respectable religious scholar by many naïve individuals of our society has turned out to be not quite that. Let’s get the facts straight here.

  • Amir Liaqat Hussain started out on TV as the host of a show where the viewers asked questions through phone calls and scholars from the two major religious sects gave their respective answers.
  • The show and the idea behind it were liked by many and soon it became immensely popular.
  • Amir played the part of the host of a religious show to perfection (mostly overdoing it) and came to be known around the country (and the world?) as a scholar himself, though he never explicitly claimed to be one.
  • Suddenly a footage of Mr. Amir appeared on Youtube where he was shown to be using some indecent language, singing Indian songs and making fun of a couple of scholars that he was about to interview.

Now, can anyone doubt that

  • Amir was not aware that he was being recorded and especially that the video would one day be made public, so of course he was not in character?
  • Most of us sing such songs, make fun of so-called scholars and not a few of us use such (or even worse) language?
  • It was the viewers who turned this guy into a scholar, when he was just a performer and never claimed to be anything more?

So, what’s the big deal? Are Amir’s fans embarrassed that they liked this guy when he is just human? Are those who were extremely irritated by him rejoicing since they have been proved right? But above all, aren’t we all simply having a great time at the expense of a guy who has been exposed in the worst of manners? When will we start looking at ourselves, accepting our own faults, trying to improve our own characters and minding our own business? Did anyone learn anything from all this? Did anyone realize that maybe it is time we stopped making superhumans out of ordinary performers, maybe we have to stop labeling everyone as either an angel or the Devil? Did anyone understand that the world is populated by humans, who have the potential (and the freedom) to be as good or bad or whatever as they want and that perceiving someone as the answer to our hero-worshipping, idol-starved souls may not be that great an idea?

I might have taken all this too seriously, but I can’t help asking, WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL?

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