Dear Khhhtghhh! We got your message and we want to stress again that we are in absolutely no danger of being noticed here. As we reported earlier, these humans have very limited visions and cannot see than three dimensions. Still, seeing your anxiety we have decided to elaborate a little further on the complete lack of imagination of this species. They do have a concept of life beyond their planet but we do not see any real chance of these people ever figuring out the whole thing. Not only do they suffer from a severe lack of imagination but what is really funny is that they believe the exact opposite and a large number of humans actually take pride in their imagination. It is hilarious!

To explain what we mean, here’s a little analysis of these people’s concept of life beyond Earth.

  1. They have a single name for any life form that might exist outside their planet. They call all of them collectively as “Aliens”.
  2. They only look for signs of such life on other planets. Their limited minds appear to be incapable of entertaining the possibility of life existing in stars or space.
  3. Their reach is limited to planets closest to Earth and for all the rest of the universe, they only rely on conjectures.
  4. Their search for aliens is limited to three-dimensional living beings, and they do not seem to believe that life other than the one they have might also exist.
  5. They are naïve enough to believe that any planet that does not have oxygen or water (two things that they themselves cannot survive without) would not have life either.
  6. Their concept of aliens is also too limited otherwise. They picture them as beings that look mostly like themselves, with eyes and arms and legs. The peak of their imagination ends at changing the color of aliens to green or increasing or decreasing the number of eyes etc. They also tend to picture aliens as much uglier beings than themselves.

We hope you are relaxed now. We feel that humans either suffer from innocence bordering on stupidity or arrogance bordering on stupidity. We are not sure yet if they are innocent or arrogant but we are pretty certain that they are stupid. Till next report.


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