Dear Khhhtghhh! We mentioned in our first report the human beings’ serious shortcoming regarding the limitations of their senses. We would again like to stress that these pitiable creatures are confined to a three-dimensional world and even within those few dimensions they cannot see, hear or otherwise sense anything beyond a certain specific limit. Their plight is made worse by the fact that they seem to have no realization of how limited they are and we are yet to see any serious effort or even willingness by them to expand their knowledge and perception into the domain of other dimensions.

 In fact, we feel a little silly saying the above, since humans are actually much stupider than the above lines would have you believe. The cute people here are unimaginably obsessed by the three dimensions that they can perceive but not in any intelligent or constructive fashion. Their basic limitation, that is the fact that they can be at only one place at one time and have to cover long distances within their dimension to get from one place to the other appears to have made them crazy. Seriously Khhhtghhh, you cannot imagine how much fuss they make out of it. They are obsessed with creating devices that could take them from here to there faster. To the extent that they are even mad about machines that just take their image or even their voice across as quickly as possible. They have things called planes, trains, telephones, televisions, satellites and what not which are all just a means of travelling quickly and most of their world seems to revolve around these. They are overjoyed by creating something that helps them or their voice or picture move quickly (and they get unbelievably excited at creating something that moves both their picture and their voice).

Now Khhhtghhh, we know how compassionate you are and we can feel you getting ready to spring in the defense of these beings. But before you think of any such thing, let us elaborate that we are yet to see any productive use to which any of these primitive inventions have been put. People are always rushing even when they are aboard their automobiles and trying to get somewhere in hurry but we don’t see them involved in any profitable activity when they get there. Telephones and other devices of voice transfer are used mostly for chit-chat or other activities that mostly involve making money or exploiting other members of their race. The internet is being used mainly for social networking (without any apparent benefit) and watching porn (we’ll tell you later what porn is, and we bet you will laugh your Hoghhhhhtkkks off).

In short, these guys suck big time. In fact, we are seriously thinking that our people should attack this planet and take over, but before we give that any further thought and suggest it to you, we need to ensure that such an exercise would be of any use to us at all.


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