Dear Khhhtghhh! You might think that we have developed some sort of bias against these humans, but believe us, that is not so. These creatures just seem to be too silly for our taste. Either that or they are too smart….. smart to a degree that we cannot even fathom. Here’s what we have learnt since our last report (and since it is extremely confusing, we have tried to divide it into points so that it may be easier for you to understand).

  1. Humans need to eat plants and animals in order to survive (everything they eat, they call food). And there are plenty of animals and plants on Earth, though the poor creatures can eat only a handful of the species, the rest are either poisonous for them or just impossible for them to consume.
  2. Humans grow such plants and animals in specific areas called farms.
  3. Now, the interesting thing is that not all humans grow or hunt this food. There are a few specific groups of individuals scattered all over the planet that seem to have been assigned this job. These people (called farmers) produce food for all the rest of the humans.
  4. Funnily, though one would assume that all these other humans who do not need to produce food but get it ready to eat from others, would have all the time in the world to relax and enjoy, still seem to be busy all the time. They are running around here and there with no time to spare and filling up papers with writing and doing who knows what. In fact, interestingly, the farmers who are taking care of the survival of the whole race have more free time than all the others.
  5. However, there are some people who seem to be benefitting immensely from this arrangement. Though few in number, these people do not do anything. They don’t grow food, they don’t run around and they don’t fill up papers. They just live idly, not doing anything and still get the food from others for free. What is hilarious is that people who do not grow food themselves give away that food to these idle good-for-nothing ones with a lot of pride (they call it charity or something) as if it were theirs. And they actually feel that by giving free food and thus encouraging the inaction of these parasites, they are doing something good.
  6. Now, you would assume that these farmers would be worshipped for what they do for the others, right? Wrong. They live in the worst of conditions and appear to be one of the poorest people. Now, how does this race manage to have these farmers keep feeding the whole planet while living in a state much worse than those they are feeding is still a mystery to us.

We haven’t spent much time here Khhhtghhh but as yet, we have gained nothing but more and more confusion. Humans, the best creation…… I mean really?


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