The Eye

I never liked Biology in school, but then I didn’t like any other subject either. However, there are one or two random things that have somehow stuck in my mind. One of the facts I have not been able to forget is how the eye works. If I remember correctly, light reflects off an object and the reflected light rays enter our eye and form an image. The part that most interested me was that the image formed inside the eye is inverted. Our brains then invert the image again so it turns the right side up and only then do we perceive it correctly. In other words, our eyes see things upside down and our brain turns them the right way. I cannot help imagining what would happen if our brain suddenly stopped doing that. We’ll see the whole world upside down, and would act on it accordingly only to be frustrated when our actions do not produce the desired results.

Thankfully that does not happen because Nature has designed our brains in a way that they perform this task by themselves. Unfortunately, this automatic functioning is limited to the physical objects we see with our eyes. As for everything else, it is up to us to use our brains and make sense of the upside down images. Since we are so reluctant to use our brains, isn’t it possible that we are just seeing everything wrong and no matter how hard we try we just cannot make our actions produce the desired results. If that is true, then the solution does not lie in racking our brains in frustration or working harder. The solution probably lies in starting to use our brains and get our perspectives straight. Everything else comes later.

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