Prepared surprises

We are not comfortable with randomness. We like patterns. And what are patterns, except a continuous repetition of the same order of things over long periods of time. We like them because we want to be prepared and patterns are predictable, thus making it easier to stay prepared for. Patterns don’t throw up surprises. That is human nature perhaps….to dislike surprise, since surprises expose our inner weakness and make us aware of how incredibly unsuited we are to tackle life.

But what if! What if there is no randomness. What if there is no infinity. What if what we see as random is actually a huge pattern, an order that is in fact repeating, but the range of variables that repeat themselves is too large for our limited vision to grasp and so we see only one tiny part of that pattern and obviously fail in finding the pattern in that tiny part. If that be true (and I don’t have any reason to prove that it isn’t) our inability to look at the pattern is forgivable but our insistence on the fact that there is no such pattern and that since we can’t find a pattern in the tiny part we do see, then it must be random, such false ego is unforgivable because it is stupid. And stupidity is probably the original (if not the only) sin.

What if! What if we let go of this childish urge to always be prepared? Honestly speaking, our preparation is also an illusion we love to hang on to, since life has this habit of pulling a fast one on us and frequently we feel the image of our so-called preparedness shatter to pieces. So what if we get comfortable with not being prepared? What if we start to understand, like and eventually look forward to surprises? Maybe then we’ll be able to see beyond the tiny portions. Maybe we will be able to see the pieces in the pattern, rather than looking for a pattern in the pieces.


Maybe then, we’ll see.


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