Not so long ago, when automobiles were not this common, oxcarts were a common sight. Especially in rural areas, carts pulled by strong oxen were the primary means of transporting huge amounts of agricultural produce to the nearest mill. Anyone who remembers having seen such scenes, would also remember having noticed that more often than not, there was a dog that walked right in front of the carts. To this day I am not sure of the job description of the dog but I clearly remember noticing that the dog walked with an unusual look of arrogance and pride. It seemed as if the dog thought that it was the one who was ensuring that the huge load got to its destination and the oxen, though doing all the hard work, were mere sideshows.

I look at the way business is done in the public and private sector today and am amused to see that the rules are the same, whether it’s a multinational organization, a government department or an oxcart. There are always oxen doing all the hard work and dogs showing all the arrogance and taking all the credit. Nahi?

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