Ten kinds of people who live on filthy streets

  1. Those who just do not know the difference between cleanliness and filth and live as if it makes absolutely no difference whether they are in a gutter or a palace.
  2. Those who do know the difference but choose to ignore it. They believe that if they don’t think about the filth it will cease to matter, and to them it eventually does cease to matter. They spend their days ensuring that they can somehow survive despite the filth.
  3. Those who notice the filth but feel that it is their destiny to keep on living in the shithole. They curse their fate and bad fortune of having been born in the street and that too without the resources to move out. They keep looking for sympathy from anyone with enough time to listen to their woes.
  4. Those who feel that the filth is mainly due to the other uncivilized people living in the street and consider it a serious injustice that they are being made to share the locality with them. They loathe the filthy people of filthy street but do little else.
  5. Those who see themselves as saviors of the street and spend their days holding rallies and gatherings shouting aloud the benefits of cleanliness and the harms of filth. They end up totally frustrated by the lack of response from the crude populace but are satisfied that at least they have tried their best.
  6. Those who go door to door trying to convince people that they should join hands to clean the street together but end up cursing the others’ insensitivity as they hardly get any response.
  7. Those who build houses on other cleaner streets and keep moving to and from filthy street whenever they feel like. These people curse the street when they are away and curse it some more when they get back.
  8. Those who keep repeating how filthy the street is, without doing anything else about it. They get a lot of fame and money out of their unique talent of getting information about all kinds of filth quickly and in great detail.
  9. Those who make promises to clean up the street and get people to pour in funds only to realize that the task is impossible within the limited supply of integrity and will. They end up spending most of the funds building houses on other streets for themselves and ensuring that they keep getting more money.
  10. Those very few ones who clean up their own houses and the part of the street in front of their houses. They have to keep cleaning up day in and day out. These people are the only hope for the street as they are at least getting rid of as much filth as they can. Alas! They are too few to make any visible difference, but some believe that without them, the street would have become uninhabitable by now.

God bless our street!


Its just one night

Depression was a small word for what he felt. In a matter of months, he had lost everything he had. He was distraught, shattered, dead inside. He wanted to end his life but did not have the courage to even do that. He sat still, his head bowed, tears rolling down his cheeks, without any hope, without any strength, just a pile of bones and flesh, without any life. He did not notice the old man approaching him until he was standing right above him. “Hang on buddy!” the old man said with a smile, “It’s just one night, because somehow, everything is going to be fine tomorrow.”

To this day, he does not know why, but he believed the old man. Suddenly he recovered enough strength to fight for one more day. And as he lay in bed waiting for everything to be fine tomorrow, he suddenly realized the truth. All he had ever needed was just the strength to survive today. He had only to understand that today was all that mattered. And he did not need to believe that somehow tomorrow everything would be fine, but that kind of faith helped. Tomorrow never comes, it is just a beacon of hope and it was always up to him to choose to focus on that beacon or on the darkness surrounding it. Today was all there ever was and all there ever will be. And ever since that fateful evening, that is exactly what he has been doing; living for the todays. And you always have enough strength for that.

Neckties and Morality

Life is short. So we don’t want to waste any time getting too deep into the meaning of things or the logic behind them. Hence, we do certain things without the faintest clue about their reason or utility. For instance, we say Hello when answering the phone, wear neckties, clap when we want to appreciate someone, shout “Hurray” when excited, shake hands with people we meet etc. The list is probably endless, and even if it isn’t, I would not want to check and waste any more space since I think you get the idea.


However, while learning these absurd looking rules of behavior, we mostly get carried away and don’t realize that this blind following of what everyone else around us does should only be limited to such trivial stuff as listed above. Sadly, we proceed to apply the same principle of “Do as they do, don’t think, don’t try to understand, don’t ask” in other more important things as well, things like the religion we follow, the beliefs we have, the kind of people we like, the kind we hate, our concepts of morality, justice, equity and truth. I might be wrong, but I just feel that there should be a way of differentiating between where not to think too much because life is short, and where to think really hard because…….well, life is short.




The wanna be authors in Pakistan

A few learning’s for writers who want to be authors: If you live in Pakistan and want to get a book published that has nothing to do with Politics, religion, or oppression. If you are unfortunately happy and want to write happy. The chances of becoming an author are very bleak. Here is why:

  1. Big publishers would not even read you script
  2. Small publishers act more like printers. Your book, your money their name
  3. If you do get a publisher you will have to re-write the whole thing. Your creativity does not mean anything.
  4. If you are desperate enough put in your own money or find an investor to get the damn thing printed.
  5. Now you enter one of the biggest cartel of distributors @Liberty books will charge you 50% if not more on retail price. If you know someone there they might bring it down a bit, but you will be paid nearly after a month after your book is sold.
  6. If you go to small encouragers of writing such as @The Last word. You will be luck to receive a reply.
  7. The solution: make sure you belong to the intellectuals or the influential’s. the later matters more
  8. Get in the cool crowd. You can write mediocre but should be cool enough to hang with
  9. Value your work and be happy to see the first dummy of your book before it goes to print. Expensive but worth it
  10. Keep at it with the hope that people in this field actually start reading or at least begin to understand the value of a product they call a BOOK



  1. PPP with PML-Q ——- PML-N with MQM
  2. Junaid Jamshed quits show business for religion, then comes back, then quits again, and finally ends up giving religious sermons in Ramazan in addition to hosting a religious game show on the pattern of KBC.
  3. Misbah-ul-Haq finally makes it to the national cricket team in his thirties, throws away his wicket and loses the match in the T20 Final against India, then gradually disappears into oblivion again, only to come back as Test captain and then throw away the World Cup Semi Final against India due to slow batting and ends up being Pakistan’s captain in all formats of the game.
  4. Before that, Shoaib Malik admits cheating on Live TV and is soon after made captain of the national team. A little later, Shahid Afridi chews on the balls in front of live cameras totally insulting the intelligence of everyone concerned with cricket rules and………..you guessed it, is made captain soon after.
  5. Sahir Lodhi!
  6. Asif Ali Zardari becomes the President of Pakistan despite the large number of corruption cases against him, despite titles like Mr.10% and despite the fact that even his late wife did not allow him any role in politics.
  7. Rehman Malik is appointed Interior Minister in charge of inland security of 180 million people despite the fact that he was in charge of the security of one woman and failed miserably.
  8. Mathira!
  9. People of Pakistan who are under continuous threat of being killed by some terrorist, completely broken by the dismal economy and praying for electricity even if at exorbitant rates, are regularly fined by traffic police for not wearing a seatbelt on the pretext that it is dangerous for them.
  10. One look at the economic condition of Pakistan and another the buildings on the Constitutional Avenue.


Meaningless piece of shit

I want to write something but I just cannot think of anything meaningful to write about. But when has that ever stopped anyone from doing anything? So I have decided to write a meaningless piece of shit, which in itself is a silly statement since I have never seen or known any piece of shit that was meaningful.

And who knows, by the time I am done writing this, it might cease to be as meaningless as I think it is. Who knows, it might end up as some philosophy that changes someone’s life. Isn’t it true that all a piece needs to become life-changing is someone who is ready to change his or her life after reading it? Or is it? I mean if no life is actually changed by a piece of absolutely great literature, can it be technically called life-changing? I guess not. So then life-changing is an attribute dependent on the reaction of the readers and has little to do with the quality of the piece itself.

Hail the power of the reader, the watcher, the listener, because these are the people who stamp the mark of greatness on a novel, a film or a piece of music. What if no one had liked Mona Lisa? Would the taste of the world in general have been questioned or would the painting have been dumped as a meaningless piece of shit?

Funny world we live in!


Happy People

No latest research that I know of has revealed that the cause of most tensions, worries and depressions is a lack of freedom. And this non-existent research does not talk about the freedom which it is the responsibility of governments or society to provide. It talks about freedom that an individual gives himself.

So according to this research, if one wants to be free from worries, one has to give oneself as much freedom as possible. People who are too organized are unfortunate since they are always running after deadlines. People who have simple schedules are happier. Worried people plan to achieve small targets within small time periods; happy ones plan to achieve the larger target at the end of the day. Both can succeed and both can fail, but failure for the latter comes once … at the end and the smart ones simply shrug and make another long term plan.

Happy people also delay a lot. If you fail to do something in time, do it after time, or better yet, never at all. Procrastination, after all, is one of those very few things that are easier done than said. So relax. All of us want to be happy, anyone who is happy succeeds. I just can’t comprehend how people can be successful but not happy; there is something basically wrong with that bargain.

No one has conducted this research…………..and I think I completely agree with no one.

I think no one should write something like “Seven Habits of the Chill and Happy People!”


I am stupid

When I was born, I was stupid and remained so for many years. What else can you call the kind of things a baby does, crying, drooling, speaking gibberish, laughing for no specific reason. As I grew up, well, I have no idea if I ceased being stupid but I did learn that what is much more important than not being stupid is not being considered stupid. And to do that, all you have to do is not do the stuff the society considers stupid. Of course, if the society itself is stupid, you will not be considered stupid if you act stupidly. However, you might be perceived as stupid if you act wisely. But nobody knows if the society is stupid or not since society itself is the judge of that and nobody would have the shamelessness to admit that he or she is stupid.

So, I guess it is next to impossible to know if I am actually stupid or not. In a world occupied by babies, not drooling or speaking in understandable language might just be considered stupid. I think what I am trying to say here is that a stupid dog among intelligent humans is a stupid dog. But in the company of dogs, he is just stupid and among stupid humans, he is just a dog. But what about a wise human in the company of stupid dogs. Hmmm! He might be a stupid cow since stupid dogs won’t really know what to make of him. Understand? No? That’s fine, just hope that no one understands. That way none of us will be stupid.

Time is a funny little thing

I was just thinking about something I have heard thousands of times. That time does not come back, a moment gone is gone forever. Come to think of it, it is a weirdly uncomfortable thought. Just imagine! A moment that you spent watching porn will forever be occupied by that one act, there’s nothing you can do about it. So, for eternity, you will be watching porn in that moment. Funny!