The suicidal plant

Everyone is free to destroy themselves if they want. Can animals commit suicide? I don’t think so. And if they cannot, maybe that is one of the most fundamental differences between us and them. We are free to harm ourselves, free to live surrounded by our own illusions and fantasies, free.

Sounds weird? Well, it is not. Because success, greatness, glory, illumination, elevation, everything good about this life comes at a price. You just cannot live without choosing; simply because you have been bestowed with the faculty of choice. You must choose. And if you refuse to choose; well you are still making choices, you are just too ignorant to know it or too cowardly to face up to the results.

The price of the freedom to become great is that you also get a freedom to become small. Unlike animals, we cannot go through life on the same plain. We rise, or we are made to fall. Every moment is a choice and every moment changes you. Since you are not likely to even remember most of these moments, it makes a case for giving each one all the more importance; because once it is gone, it is gone; gone from the world, gone even from your memory. What remains is just the effect, which could be destruction or elevation to another level.

Fretting too much about what you cannot do is the worst way to spend a life. It takes one’s mind away from what actually can be done. Why should I care about what I cannot do? Frankly, it does not make any sense at all. But then again, what does!

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