Justice? Is it even possible?

Forget the corruption, the vested interests, the undue influences etc. Imagine a justice system free of all these vices where the judges are honest, honorable and virtuous. Even in such utopian circumstances, certain facts still don’t change,

  1. Judges are not present when crimes or injustices are committed, when contracts are signed and commitments made.
  2. Courts cannot tell the truth automatically and have to rely on evidence and witnesses.
  3. Evidence can be concocted and witnesses can be bought.
  4. The wisest and most honest of judges cannot differentiate between a lie and a truth that is not backed by evidence. Similarly there is no way to distinguish between a truth and a lie that is backed by apparently sound evidence (even if it is actually false).
  5. Hence, nobody would believe someone telling the truth without evidence or witnesses. So, in a situation where both are absent, even a truthful person may have to forge evidence and produce false witnesses, an act that puts him almost on the same level as a liar.
  6. You cannot blame the judges for this since they are helpless without proof.

Now consider all these facts in the light of the following.

  1. God has not found it prudent to provide mankind with any incontrovertible evidence of His own existence.
  2. Most of the crimes are committed in secrecy and there are hardly ever any real witnesses who can truthfully and under oath, testify exactly to any crime.
  3. Mostly the evidence for crimes is circumstantial and any documentary evidence that exists can be as easily forged.

And finally

  1. Needless to say, people do lie. If they stop doing that, Courts won’t be needed.

What’s the point of all this? Nothing. Everything. I don’t know. I just wanted to put this plainly because….sometimes I wonder!


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