Little Red Riding

Little Red Riding Hood was a kid, but you have to remember that after all, she was going to her Grandma’s house all alone, so it is normal to expect her to have some common sense. Sadly, she appears to be stupider than a normal child. What else can one assume from the fact that she could not instantly recognize a wolf just because he was wearing her Grandma’s clothes and was in her bed? I mean give me a break yar. There are only two logical explanations. Either Red Riding Hood was really really stupid or her Grandma was really really ugly. And I doubt that any Grandma could be so ugly that she and a wolf were indistinguishable. So Red must have been a total moron to ask silly questions like O Grandma! What big eyes you have or What big ears you have and so on.

Having said that, I guess I have been a little unfair to Red Riding Hood. What she did was not all that unusual. Just look at ourselves, the people of Pakistan asking O! What a lot of loadshedding we have! Or What high prices we have! Or What little energy we have! We are also Little Red Riding Hoods, wondering what’s wrong with our Governma and not seeing the big ugly wolf.


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