My God! What a load of crap!

There is hardly anyone who has not heard this story before since it is told almost invariably whenever there is a discussion on optimism and pessimism. It is about two guys who looked out of the same window, one saw the filth on the ground while the other saw stars in the sky. I have always found it unconvincing. The major reason is that I think this story is incomplete. I mean what the hell does it even mean that the two saw different things. What matters is what happened afterwards. So, I have tried to complete the story here.

The guy who saw stars dreamt of somehow getting to them and seeing the fascinating worlds hidden in them. The other one, however, simply thought “My God! What a load of crap!” So the next day, the so-called pessimist went down and cleaned up the whole place, turning it into a pretty garden, and just as he was admiring the new beauty of the place, the so-called optimist tried to get to the stars by flying and fell from the high window from where the two had looked out the previous night. The so-called pessimist looked at his shattered bones, spilled blood and guts, and cracked skull and thought “My God! What a load of crap!”

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