You don’t understand me

“The world does not understand me.” I have heard this complaint so many times, I just might throw up the next time someone utters this vulgarity. Why should the world or anyone in the world understand me? Conversely, why should I, since I am a part of this world, be obligated to understand anyone? It is unfair. Such an exercise is a direct challenge to the fundamental human right of not having to get off my butt if I don’t want to.

Isn’t it infinitely more important for me to understand myself? And I don’t even try to do that. Firstly, because it is a very difficult and secondly because of the fundamental right I just mentioned. Why do we even need to understand anyone, even ourselves? Aren’t we comfortable with our false egos, our misconceptions, our baseless assumptions, our whimsical ideas and our false beliefs? Anyone who tries to change this beautiful structure of reputations, impressions and characters that stands in the air without any foundation; anyone who tries to replace it with a perception based on truth; anyone who challenges the comfort zone of people even though it might be a recipe for eternal damnation; anyone who attempts any of these is risking loss of every illusory asset he has.

I do not want to be a part of the problem. Any interest in any truth will cause huge non-existent problems for the whole false edifice where we thrive in imaginary comforts. Why cause such illusive hardships for everyone? Why not just live our lives in the falsity we like, since such a life contains the delusion of eternal bliss. We have always preferred false hope to real threats, why change now?


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