Ten kinds of people who live on filthy streets

  1. Those who just do not know the difference between cleanliness and filth and live as if it makes absolutely no difference whether they are in a gutter or a palace.
  2. Those who do know the difference but choose to ignore it. They believe that if they don’t think about the filth it will cease to matter, and to them it eventually does cease to matter. They spend their days ensuring that they can somehow survive despite the filth.
  3. Those who notice the filth but feel that it is their destiny to keep on living in the shithole. They curse their fate and bad fortune of having been born in the street and that too without the resources to move out. They keep looking for sympathy from anyone with enough time to listen to their woes.
  4. Those who feel that the filth is mainly due to the other uncivilized people living in the street and consider it a serious injustice that they are being made to share the locality with them. They loathe the filthy people of filthy street but do little else.
  5. Those who see themselves as saviors of the street and spend their days holding rallies and gatherings shouting aloud the benefits of cleanliness and the harms of filth. They end up totally frustrated by the lack of response from the crude populace but are satisfied that at least they have tried their best.
  6. Those who go door to door trying to convince people that they should join hands to clean the street together but end up cursing the others’ insensitivity as they hardly get any response.
  7. Those who build houses on other cleaner streets and keep moving to and from filthy street whenever they feel like. These people curse the street when they are away and curse it some more when they get back.
  8. Those who keep repeating how filthy the street is, without doing anything else about it. They get a lot of fame and money out of their unique talent of getting information about all kinds of filth quickly and in great detail.
  9. Those who make promises to clean up the street and get people to pour in funds only to realize that the task is impossible within the limited supply of integrity and will. They end up spending most of the funds building houses on other streets for themselves and ensuring that they keep getting more money.
  10. Those very few ones who clean up their own houses and the part of the street in front of their houses. They have to keep cleaning up day in and day out. These people are the only hope for the street as they are at least getting rid of as much filth as they can. Alas! They are too few to make any visible difference, but some believe that without them, the street would have become uninhabitable by now.

God bless our street!


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