Its just one night

Depression was a small word for what he felt. In a matter of months, he had lost everything he had. He was distraught, shattered, dead inside. He wanted to end his life but did not have the courage to even do that. He sat still, his head bowed, tears rolling down his cheeks, without any hope, without any strength, just a pile of bones and flesh, without any life. He did not notice the old man approaching him until he was standing right above him. “Hang on buddy!” the old man said with a smile, “It’s just one night, because somehow, everything is going to be fine tomorrow.”

To this day, he does not know why, but he believed the old man. Suddenly he recovered enough strength to fight for one more day. And as he lay in bed waiting for everything to be fine tomorrow, he suddenly realized the truth. All he had ever needed was just the strength to survive today. He had only to understand that today was all that mattered. And he did not need to believe that somehow tomorrow everything would be fine, but that kind of faith helped. Tomorrow never comes, it is just a beacon of hope and it was always up to him to choose to focus on that beacon or on the darkness surrounding it. Today was all there ever was and all there ever will be. And ever since that fateful evening, that is exactly what he has been doing; living for the todays. And you always have enough strength for that.

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