Neckties and Morality

Life is short. So we don’t want to waste any time getting too deep into the meaning of things or the logic behind them. Hence, we do certain things without the faintest clue about their reason or utility. For instance, we say Hello when answering the phone, wear neckties, clap when we want to appreciate someone, shout “Hurray” when excited, shake hands with people we meet etc. The list is probably endless, and even if it isn’t, I would not want to check and waste any more space since I think you get the idea.


However, while learning these absurd looking rules of behavior, we mostly get carried away and don’t realize that this blind following of what everyone else around us does should only be limited to such trivial stuff as listed above. Sadly, we proceed to apply the same principle of “Do as they do, don’t think, don’t try to understand, don’t ask” in other more important things as well, things like the religion we follow, the beliefs we have, the kind of people we like, the kind we hate, our concepts of morality, justice, equity and truth. I might be wrong, but I just feel that there should be a way of differentiating between where not to think too much because life is short, and where to think really hard because…….well, life is short.




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