The wanna be authors in Pakistan

A few learning’s for writers who want to be authors: If you live in Pakistan and want to get a book published that has nothing to do with Politics, religion, or oppression. If you are unfortunately happy and want to write happy. The chances of becoming an author are very bleak. Here is why:

  1. Big publishers would not even read you script
  2. Small publishers act more like printers. Your book, your money their name
  3. If you do get a publisher you will have to re-write the whole thing. Your creativity does not mean anything.
  4. If you are desperate enough put in your own money or find an investor to get the damn thing printed.
  5. Now you enter one of the biggest cartel of distributors @Liberty books will charge you 50% if not more on retail price. If you know someone there they might bring it down a bit, but you will be paid nearly after a month after your book is sold.
  6. If you go to small encouragers of writing such as @The Last word. You will be luck to receive a reply.
  7. The solution: make sure you belong to the intellectuals or the influential’s. the later matters more
  8. Get in the cool crowd. You can write mediocre but should be cool enough to hang with
  9. Value your work and be happy to see the first dummy of your book before it goes to print. Expensive but worth it
  10. Keep at it with the hope that people in this field actually start reading or at least begin to understand the value of a product they call a BOOK


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