1. PPP with PML-Q ——- PML-N with MQM
  2. Junaid Jamshed quits show business for religion, then comes back, then quits again, and finally ends up giving religious sermons in Ramazan in addition to hosting a religious game show on the pattern of KBC.
  3. Misbah-ul-Haq finally makes it to the national cricket team in his thirties, throws away his wicket and loses the match in the T20 Final against India, then gradually disappears into oblivion again, only to come back as Test captain and then throw away the World Cup Semi Final against India due to slow batting and ends up being Pakistan’s captain in all formats of the game.
  4. Before that, Shoaib Malik admits cheating on Live TV and is soon after made captain of the national team. A little later, Shahid Afridi chews on the balls in front of live cameras totally insulting the intelligence of everyone concerned with cricket rules and………..you guessed it, is made captain soon after.
  5. Sahir Lodhi!
  6. Asif Ali Zardari becomes the President of Pakistan despite the large number of corruption cases against him, despite titles like Mr.10% and despite the fact that even his late wife did not allow him any role in politics.
  7. Rehman Malik is appointed Interior Minister in charge of inland security of 180 million people despite the fact that he was in charge of the security of one woman and failed miserably.
  8. Mathira!
  9. People of Pakistan who are under continuous threat of being killed by some terrorist, completely broken by the dismal economy and praying for electricity even if at exorbitant rates, are regularly fined by traffic police for not wearing a seatbelt on the pretext that it is dangerous for them.
  10. One look at the economic condition of Pakistan and another the buildings on the Constitutional Avenue.


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