Meaningless piece of shit

I want to write something but I just cannot think of anything meaningful to write about. But when has that ever stopped anyone from doing anything? So I have decided to write a meaningless piece of shit, which in itself is a silly statement since I have never seen or known any piece of shit that was meaningful.

And who knows, by the time I am done writing this, it might cease to be as meaningless as I think it is. Who knows, it might end up as some philosophy that changes someone’s life. Isn’t it true that all a piece needs to become life-changing is someone who is ready to change his or her life after reading it? Or is it? I mean if no life is actually changed by a piece of absolutely great literature, can it be technically called life-changing? I guess not. So then life-changing is an attribute dependent on the reaction of the readers and has little to do with the quality of the piece itself.

Hail the power of the reader, the watcher, the listener, because these are the people who stamp the mark of greatness on a novel, a film or a piece of music. What if no one had liked Mona Lisa? Would the taste of the world in general have been questioned or would the painting have been dumped as a meaningless piece of shit?

Funny world we live in!


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