Happy People

No latest research that I know of has revealed that the cause of most tensions, worries and depressions is a lack of freedom. And this non-existent research does not talk about the freedom which it is the responsibility of governments or society to provide. It talks about freedom that an individual gives himself.

So according to this research, if one wants to be free from worries, one has to give oneself as much freedom as possible. People who are too organized are unfortunate since they are always running after deadlines. People who have simple schedules are happier. Worried people plan to achieve small targets within small time periods; happy ones plan to achieve the larger target at the end of the day. Both can succeed and both can fail, but failure for the latter comes once … at the end and the smart ones simply shrug and make another long term plan.

Happy people also delay a lot. If you fail to do something in time, do it after time, or better yet, never at all. Procrastination, after all, is one of those very few things that are easier done than said. So relax. All of us want to be happy, anyone who is happy succeeds. I just can’t comprehend how people can be successful but not happy; there is something basically wrong with that bargain.

No one has conducted this research…………..and I think I completely agree with no one.

I think no one should write something like “Seven Habits of the Chill and Happy People!”


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