Please slap yourself

Don’t ask me to explain how, but this morning I found this letter in my shirt pocket. I read it, slapped myself hard and am now putting it here for anyone who cares.

Dear Pal!

I am not allowed to directly communicate with you, so if anyone finds out I will be in trouble. I might even be punished; that would be fun wouldn’t it? Anyway, first of all, I want to thank you. You have been a real pal. Everyone I knew when I was born is either dead or fatally ill, just because they did not have pals like you. You never cared, always took stupid decisions, did whatever you felt like, and thank you for all that. Now, I did not decide to risk punishment and write to you just to praise you. I am getting weaker day by day and if things don’t get better soon, I might not survive, and I need your help NOW.

You are becoming just like the others. You have started to think normally, now you listen to others, try to be safe, I sometimes feel that you have even begun to be afraid. You spend so much time now thinking about the future. You act as if you can control, plan and ensure that such and such thing happens and such and such does not happen. You moron! After avoiding this silliness for such a long time, why do you want to fall in the same hole? Why do you want to forget what it means to live? Please slap yourself and come back to your senses.

And one last thing; Please ask anyone who cares to listen that there is nothing to be afraid of. Anything that exists is worth trying. There is no threat worse or cost higher than the kind of life they already lead, always scared, always cautious. Please ask them to slap themselves and come to their senses too. Too many of my peers have died, enough is enough.

With Love

Your Inner Child

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