The beautiful girl with a moustache

There was a time when the beauty industry had not progressed enough to allow filmmakers to make the heroine look infinitely more beautiful than the poor gals dancing in rows behind her in bollywood and lollywood song sequences. At that time, the beauty industry was not even mature enough to make threading a common practice and we often come across old films in which it is difficult to judge who has the thicker moustache, the hero or the heroine. However, even in those times, the producers and directors managed to make the heroine look much prettier than the girls dancing behind them. The trick was simple. They selected the ugliest, fattest and most horrible looking gals to dance behind the heroine. The result; well the damsel looked no less than a dream girl despite her moustache.

This simple trick has been at work throughout history and still succeeds like anything. Isn’t Shoaib Mansoor making Bol and people like Pervaiz Rana, Masood Butt et al making crap behind him depict the same principle? Isn’t it evidence enough that where movies by these lesser directors come and go without a whimper Shoaib Mansoor’s production was a super hit even before it was released?

Just to quote one more example, remember Imran Khan the cricketer. Remember him walking into the field with a team comprising Javed Miandad, Sarfraz Nawaz, Tauseef Ahmed etc. No wonder he is still regarded as the greatest personality ever in Pakistan Cricket. Even fans from other parts of the world could not help notice the contrast and praised his style to no end. And if you don’t remember him, just watch Imran Khan the politician, standing tall among the Zardaris, the Awans (Babar and Firdous Ashiq), the Khosas, the Sharifs and the like.

So, I guess, the secret behind becoming the best is simple. Just select the ugliest, fattest and most absurd-looking girls to dance behind you.

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