Hunter gatherers to now

Thousands of years ago, we lived as hunter-gatherers when every man hunted or gathered food for himself. Everyone got up and looked for food and spent most of his day in that pursuit. Then we discovered agriculture and the lives of a large majority of the population were made easier as someone else was growing food for them now. The free ones spent this new-found time building weapons and armies, creating governments and bureaucracies and eventually waging wars and killing other people. Victories in these wars provided more land, more food and more free time. So we progressed to industrialization, a part of which resulted in better weapons, more equipped armies and more wars. Lately, we moved on to the world of technology and the world became a global village. Now we have satellites, bombs, aircraft and what-not. Still, we wage wars and kill people because we need oil and land and security.

I don’t know where but I did read somewhere that hunter-gatherers were peaceful people and rarely fought against each other. Most of them resolved disputes through mutual dialogue and avoided open confrontation. Rarely ever did they steal since everyone just found their own food and ate it. There was no concept of personal property since the hunter-gatherers kept moving to areas where they could hope to find better prey. Respect and esteem was not given to the one with political power but to him who was stronger and could hunt bigger animals. There was no loadshedding, no oil crisis, no terrorism, no diplomacy, no bureaucracy, no mediocracy, no government, no opposition, no courts, no wars, no civil suits, no robberies.

And you tell me that mankind has made progress in the last 10,000 years ago. Really?



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