Six amazing things about Pakistanis

The following must not be perceived as Pakistan bashing. It is just based on a strong desire that this wonderful nation someday realizes its potential, and gets rid of the paradoxes that are stopping its progress.

1. Curiosity: We risk our lives rather than stop at a traffic light but would stop wherever there’s a big crowd gathered just to see what the hell is going on.

2. Amnesia: We abuse and curse a group of people out of power and replace them with others, only to forget everything and bring them back a few years later.

3. Wisdom: We can wisely analyze what is good and bad about all kinds of intricate policies but would not realize that throwing a wrapper on the road might be bad.

4. Trust: We seldom trust the local shopkeeper or our servant but blindly trust a ridiculous fact if it is reported on TV.

5. Solidarity: We might be at each others’ throats for a minute difference in religious interpretations but would show remarkable solidarity when our cricket team enters the field.

6. Talent: We would waste years in our offices but as soon as we are hired in a foreign country, we end up being among the best in the business.

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