Seven confusions that must be cleared

  1. Deciding whom to blame for a problem is not the same as solving the problem.
  2. Having a “Senior Minister” who neither is very senior nor has a portfolio is not normal.
  3. With so many news channels around, nobody gives a shit which one breaks the news of the next blast first.
  4. When we abuse our nation for being lethargic, corrupt and stupid, it always includes ourselves. None of us came from some other planet.
  5. Independence means not being dependent. Just having a government does not guarantee independence.
  6. War is always between groups of human beings. You cannot kill, take hostage or even fire a gun at emotions or concepts, like terror.
  7. People who are too sure that they will not survive, normally do not survive. Difficult times call for solutions, not a never-ending repetition of problems.


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