I don’t know much about the philosophical prowess of Franklin D. Roosevelt but I think he was spot on when he said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” It is not a principle of life that we have to try and follow. It is almost a law of nature that we have to realize that we follow whether we know it or not.

Remember when we were kids and how some of our siblings, cousins and friends used to raise hell whenever we scared them with a single BOO in a dark room. The boo did not hurt them, it just scared them, and they hated being afraid, even when they soon realized that the Boo was otherwise harmless. Unfortunately, nothing changes as we grow up. We live in perpetual fear of death, sickness, pain, injury and what not!

I used to think, and now I completely believe that all these supposed calamities are nothing but big scary BOOs. So, maybe the only thing we have to do is not care about our brat cousins or any other similar power in the universe. If you choose not to fear loss or pain, it might not be any guarantee against losing or getting hurt, but one thing is certain. If you stop being afraid, you will not be afraid. And won’t that be some life.

I can almost hear some disagreeing voices, saying that it is not in their power to decide that they won’t be afraid anymore. I would simply say that you just have to realize your power. To those who refuse to realize this power, my answer is …….BOO!


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