Ten things we hope that an angel won’t say to us on the day of judgement

1. And now let’s see if you go to heaven, or as it is now called, OBL Land.

2. You! You come over here. The rest go join the line with the Prophets.

3. You will have to wait, your life has not been passed by the censor board yet.

4. Hey! You lucky guy, God has asked all the people still waiting to come over for your judgment, your life is by far the most entertaining yet.

5. Hey Gabriel! Come see what this guy believed in!

6. I wonder how God will judge your life. You actually didn’t have any.

7. I am so sorry, Heaven is full. But we do have a lottery……….

8. There is a two hour break now. We’re all going to Satan’s for lunch.

9. Okay your turn! Now decide quickly, heads heaven, tails hell.

10. God??? Who is that?

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