Justice, ,my…..

The idea of justice is simple, isn’t it? It merely means everyone and everything gets what he or she or it deserves. And nature’s system is beautiful, injustice at one level breeds injustice at the next. So, when Mr. ABC from Sargodha wants his son to get into Aitchison College whether he deserves it or not, when Mrs. XYZ from Islamabad wants to sell her car for lots more than it is worth by hoodwinking the poor buyer, when a motor mechanic charges Rs.5,000 for a job worth a hundred, when a doctor charges Rs.500,000 for a procedure that is worth Rs.10,000, when jobs are given not on the basis of merit but on who the candidate knows in the right places…….and so on. When all this happens then Asif Ali Zardari gets to become the President, Rehman Malik the interior minister, Ijaz Butt the Chairman PCB…..and so on.

So stop complaining. Give what is deserved and you’ll get what you deserve. Funnily enough, for us, there is no injustice, because the way we act and perceive things, we are getting exactly what we deserve.

So we have to either accept this fate and be resigned or change our ways and be courageous. Or of course keep blaming foreign powers and ‘agencies’ and continue to be losers.


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