Bomb blasts, murders, poor law and order, inflation, debt, missing persons, discomfort, disease, everything is either due to Amreeka or this or that Ajjansee. For God’s sake stop this. I don’t say that Amreeka or Ajjansees cannot be behind all this, but why bother about them, we cannot do anything about it, hell we are not even sure who is behind what. But one thing is certain, our moral degradation, and even more so, the recent floods or earthquakes, they were not orchestrated by Amreeka.

Look at your own life. Are you upright, moral and just in your own life? Are you just with your family members, do you abstain from throwing your junk on the road, are you the kind of person you want to be? Haven’t all of us become assholes with the passage of time? For once, get out of the state of denial, look yourself right in the eye and try to say this “I am an asshole and it is not my fault. It is part of the plan by Amreeka and the Ajjansees.” If you can say that without a smile, you are doomed. I am sure you’ll burst into laughter at the preposterous allegation.

So lets concentrate on what we are and what we do. Stop bickering about what our environment is and what is being done to us. That is the solution. If someone has a better one, I’m all ears, though after listening to better solution, I will have all the right to cast him as an Ajjant of the Amreeka.


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