Weather is beautiful

Clouds are building up. People seem happy whenever we get a cloudy day in Pakistan. However, people in colder countries hate such weather and are all smiles on a sunny day, a prospect that depresses Pakistanis or natives or other countries with the same weather. So, maybe the key is change. Humans enjoy change in weather and hate monotony.

There are also those that look at weather more seriously, like farmers. Their emotions for rain or sun depend on their crops. It depends solely on whether the crops that they have worked so hard on, need rain or sun at that specific time.

Interesting! When we have worked hard on something, we hope and pray and try for whatever is best for our ultimate aim. But when we don’t give a shit, we just enjoy change.

Finally I understand why we keep voting for PPP in one election, the Sharifs in the next and follow that with a welcoming grin for the armed forces. We like change and we don’t give a shit. Get ready for Imran Khan.

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