What is Conscience?

What is conscience? I feel it is simply a feeling, or more appropriately an idea. An idea of what you want yourself to be. An image of the kind of person you aspire to become. Pricks of conscience are mere signals that what you are doing is not a step in the right direction; it is not helping you achieve your aims. Maybe that is why some people cannot bear the guilt after having had a glass of wine while others can drink whole bottles daily and not feel a thing. Maybe that is why some of us cannot imagine hurting a fly while others actually feel proud after having bombed a bus full of kids.

Isn’t it obvious that we have clearly misunderstood the concept of conscience? We have taken it as some sort of an absolute put into our hard disk by God or some accident of nature. What if this was not so? And I firmly believe it isn’t. In that case we have to first remove this misconception, then most importantly, we have to groom and improve our conscience to make sure that the idea it has of what we should be, actually makes sense. Only after that can we trust our conscience and go on to do whatever appeases it and refrain from whatever causes it to prick.

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